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Pablo LP staking is live!

Provide liquidity and stake to earn trading fees and rewards

Enabling interoperable DeFi.

Picasso is the infrastructure layer pioneering interoperable DeFi solutions.

The cornerstone of our technical stack.

Picasso enables the realization of a fully interoperable future.

Product suite.

An extensive offering of cross-chain native pallets come together to form DeFi’s most robust interoperable platform.

Pablo DEX

The community-owned Substrate DEX


Powering the future of inter-chain DeFi


Taking IBC beyond the Cosmos ecosystem

Trustless communication as a primitive.

Centauri is the first implementation of cross-ecosystem IBC outside of Cosmos.

XCVM for developers

Build modular applications that span multiple chains.

Access and build  natively cross-chain protocols with XCVM.

XCVM for mass adoption

To beget ecosystem agnostic, user experience optimized apps.

Use your money on any chain, anywhere.


Enabling cohesive user experiences.

Deploy seamlessly interoperable applications across DeFi without any hassle.

Reality, reimagined.

Building the future of DeFi together.