The unified network powering cross-ecosystem IBC transfer activity for secure interoperability.

Powering the IBC future with PICA.

PICA has been designed and deployed to serve as a unified network token supporting multiple L1 blockchains. Currently, PICA is powering both a Cosmos chain (Composable Cosmos Chain) and a Kusama parachain (Picasso) and thus powers the IBC transfer activity across Polkadot, Kusama, and Cosmos via Composable IBC.

Redefined Gas

$PICA is uniquely positioned as the gas token at the center of Picasso, powering our efforts to enhance blockchain interoperability.

Collator Staking

25% of fees on Picasso are distributed to collators, with the remaining 75% going directly to the community-governed treasury.

OpenGov System

Participate by submitting proposals, voting on referenda, and participating in discussions.

Oracle Staking

Apollo is a permissionless, MEV-resistant oracle solution. Anyone can run an oracle node on Picasso by staking $PICA.

Liquid Staking

Composable is gearing up to launch Liquid Staked DOT (LSDOT) in our ecosystem. Revenue will flow to PICA; this provides $PICA with yield emissions from liquid staking.

Picasso Treasury

The Picasso Council manages and allocates funds for various protocol and network improvements, maintenance, and community initiatives.

Pablo DEX Pairs

A primary trading pair on Pablo will be PICA. You can also expect additional incentives with 15% of PICA’s supply being allocated towards liquidity programs.

Composable IBC Revenue

Users can stake $PICA tokens to gain access to a proportional share of the revenue generated through cross-ecosystem transfer activity via Composable IBC.

Validator Staking

$PICA is currently being utilized by Cosmos validators for securing the Composable Cosmos chain. This is the first instance of a token being utilized for cross-ecosystem validation.

Holistic ecosystem.

Interface with multiple ecosystems with a single interface.


Interoperable Infrastructure

This comprises our parachain, foundational tech we use like IBC, CosmWasm, Substrate and developer tooling.


Runtime Logic

These are essential primitives built directly into the base runtime of our parachain including vaults, oracles, etc.


Modular Applications

The result of stacking interchangeable pallets the interoperable infrastructure to create more complex financial instruments and strategies.

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