The infrastructure layer pioneering interoperable DeFi solutions.

Powered by $PICA.

Participate, earn rewards and help shape the future of Picasso  through PICA, the innovation fuel and native token of the Picasso network.

Redefined gas

Transaction and bridging fees will be payable in $PICA. Also, pay gas fees with other tokens through the BYOG feature, only on Picasso.

Collator staking

Collators on Picasso will be required to stake $PICA in order to earn rewards for securing our parachain.

Active governance

Participate by submitting proposals, voting on referenda, and participating in discussions on Polkassembly.

Oracle staking

A $PICA stake will be required by Apollo oracles to validate data feeds on Picasso.

Stake for xPICA

Stake $PICA for xPICA, an fNFT which provides a tradeable staking position to exit any position earlier.

Picasso treasury

The treasury will be community owned and controlled by $PICA token holders.

Financial NFTs.

Increased rewards and voting power with fNFTs.

Holistic ecosystem.

Interface with multiple ecosystems with a single interface.

Interoperable Infrastructure

This comprises our parachain, foundational tech we use like IBC, CosmWasm, Substrate and developer tooling.


These are essential primitives built directly into the base runtime of our parachain including vaults, oracles, etc.

Modular Applications

The result of stacking interchangeable pallets the interoperable infrastructure to create more complex financial instruments and strategies.

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