The Picasso ecosystem.

Designed to enable the next generation of cross-chain innovation, the Piccaso ecosystem builds on each of the core components of DeFi.

Our ecosystem.

Picasso is connected to more than 20 networks across Polkadot, Cosmos and Kusama.

Connecting Major Ecosystems

Connections to Picasso include: Composable Parachain, Composable Cosmos Chain, Ethereum (Testnet), Celestia, Polkadot, Kusama, Polkadot Asset Hub (Statemine/Statemint), Cosmos Hub, Crescent, Secret Network, Neutron, Umee, Agoric, Stride, Stargaze, Osmosis, Chihuahua, BiFrost Kusama, BiFrost Polkadot, Astar, Shiden, Sei Network. More coming soon.

Built for interoperability.

Stake and earn

xPica fNFT

Transfer and bridge


Monitor Picasso

Stats and telemetry

Propose and vote

Active governance

Composable Virtual Machine.

Simplifying the cross-chain user experience. DeFi goes Fintech.

Visualize transactions

Cross-chain stepper

Abstracted experience

Cross-chain proxy wallet

Track transactions

Block explorer

Cross-ecosystem identiy

Composale Name Service

Bringing permanent liquidity to Picasso.

Liquidity provision

Cross-ecosystem pools

Swap and trade

Cross-ecosystem DEX

Robust developer tooling. Improving developer experience.

Increased DX

Comprehensive tooling

Seamless development

Dynamic documentation

Unified experience

Smart contract development

Innovate and scale

Modular SDKs

Join the ecosystem.

Leverage Picasso to build interoperable DeFi solutions.