Tech stack.

The network powering cross-ecosystem IBC.

Application Layer

Our application layer consists of our own user facing applications, along with the modular applications leveraging Composable IBC & CVM.

Transport Layer

Pass messages between DeFi’s most dominant ecosystems using IBC and XCMP.

Infrastructure Layer

As a parachain, Picasso benefits from the enhanced security and communication protocols of the Kusama Network.

Application layer

CVM modular apps.

Deploy modular apps capable of tapping into protocols across all ecosystems supported by CVM.

Transport layer

The IBC transfer hub for all ecosystems.

Pioneering trustless communication as a primitive for a cross-chain future.

Infrastructure layer

Composable Cosmos chain.

Composable Cosmos is compatible with any IBC-enabled Cosmos chain running the Tendermint consensus, Polkadot, Kusama and Ethereum. Thus acting as an IBC Hub for cross-ecosystem trust-minimised communication.

Infrastructure layer

Kusama parachain.

Leveraging the Substrate framework along with the robust security and interoperability standards of the Kusama Network.

Build with Picasso.

The infrastructure layer pioneering interoperable DeFi solutions.